In reviewing the user activity on the X-20 since we implemented the new Windows sign-in method, it has come to our attention that some of you are forgetting to log out at the end of your analyzer sessions.

Please note that the real time usage tracker continues to track your usage until the next user login. In one case where the next user logged in 2 weeks later, this amounted to thousands of dollars in usage fees ​. PM Flow staff have been diligently reviewing the monthly billing on the X-20 and adjusting the overages. We will not be able to continue this monitoring as more of our instruments are brought into the UHN network.

Avoid Invoice SHOCK Kevin McCallister's shocking face from the movie Home alone , LOGOUT!

PRO TIP1 (the bad news): ​ One important reason why some people fail to log out is that the screen lock on the computer monitor engages after a period of inactivity. Because the screen lock also requires your password to unlock it, allowing the screen lock to engage after you walk away may appear to have the same functional effect as logging out. We have verified that this is NOT the case. If the screen lock engages during your session, you must enter your password to unlock it and then properly log out of your Windows session using one of two correct methods.​

PRO TIP2 (the good news): You can log out using the start menu (i.e., the standard Windows way) or you can log out by logging out of the usage tracker script, which will force Windows to log you out (i.e., the PPMS way). We tested the sign-off system on the X-20 and have verified that either method works - so you have options YAY!

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns?

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