Users MUST NOW RECORD Analyzer cleaning



  • Since 2020, PM Flow Facility has had numerous repair service incidents due to flow cell, sample line and sample waste line blockage.
  • This has caused extended instrument down time which has affected your ability to plan your experiments and has resulted in decreased revenue and increased expenses to the facility.


  • This situation can be avoided if users complete cleaning and maintenance procedures diligently during and after each use of the instrument.
  • The following precautions are necessary to ensure proper instrument function:
    • 15 mins SIT cleaning procedure: 5 mins bleach, water and sheath run at high flow rate
    • 1 min sample waste line cleaning procedure: 30 sec bleach and water
    • Filter all samples with cell-strainer caps (#352235, BD Falcon), 70 µm cell strainers (#352350, BD Falcon) or nylon mesh with a pore size of 70-100 µm
    • Maintain sample cell concentration below threshold rate of 3000 events
    • Use better sample buffer: 0.5-2% FBS, 5mM EDTA in PBS/HBSS
    • Use DNase if there are large number of dead cells


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