NEW Fusion cancellation policy


As of April 1, 2021, the PMFlow facility will require 48 hours-notice to cancel sorts on the Fusion without penalty.


Fusion sorting is currently the most in-demand service within the facility. Cancellation window of 24h is insufficient time to allow opportunities to other researchers who require Fusion sorting time. The 48h cancellation policy helps incentivize early cancellations thereby reducing Fusion instrument idle time.


  1. In order to promote fair access to the Fusion by all of our clients, cancellations on this instrument will now have to be made within 48 hours in order to avoid cancelation fees.
  2. Our regular 24-hour cancelation policy will be maintained on our analyzers as well as our three Astrios sorters.
  3. The maximum applicable cancellation fee would be equal to the full price of the cancelled session.
  4. The penalty fee may be partially offset in the event that an alternate user is able to subsequently utilize all or part of the time of the cancelled session.
  5. Where the price of a cancelled session is almost completely offset by a subsequent booking, a 1- hour minimal penalty fee would still apply. This will apply to all sort bookings but will not apply to any analyzer sessions.


  1. In order to avoid incurring penalty fees, please consider our revised fee policies when planning your experiments and schedule your sorts accordingly.
  2. Please consult with our staff prior to migrating an experiment over to one of our Astrios sorters. The Fusion is equipped with unique features that enable it to address specific needs (e.g., BUV dye detection). Some panels may require modification to be detected on our alternate sorters.
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